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Bounce runs a Holiday Programme every weekday from 7am-6pm. From when the Kids arrive, the day includes many fun activities such as: Indoor and Outdoor Games, Sport, Craft, Science Experiments, Water Games, Scavenger Hunts, Face Painting, Cooking, Dance, Drama and Art. Each day in the Holiday programme also includes some quiet time and free play for the children.

Children must bring their own food during the holidays, but kids are able to buy lunch from our canteen. During the Holidays there are many themed days which kids and staff are able to dress up for.

Extra Trips:

There are also some small trips during the holidays like the swimming pool, movies, and the Adventure Park and large trips like going to Splash Planet, The Zoo, Bowling, Mini Putt, Te Papa, Weta Workshop and Rock Climbing. On all our trips we have reduced staff:children ratios so there will be limited spaces available on trips, if you are interested in your child/ren going on on of our trips please make sure you book them in on it ASAP, all spaces on these trips must be booked in separately at the programme or with our manager, any extra cost for the trip will need to be paid before the day of the trip to ensure your child/ren's space on the trip.

All programmes have limited spaces, contact us now to book your child into Bounce.




Bounce is also running a specific holiday programme for children school year 7 and over. The programme is organised for these ages around ideas and activities that these children want and enjoy. Also operating from the Bounce programme in the Showgrounds Events Park, Children will participate in activities and trips each school holidays, for this ages only, as well as combining with other programmes for special activities.

Check out our Facebook page for Programmes and Updates!

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